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How To Bring More Foot Traffic Into Your Business

How To Bring More Foot Traffic Into Your Business

Every business owner needs to think about creative ways to get people in off the street. Here are some effective strategies that you can use to draw in more customers.

Install Conspicuous Signage

If your business’ front sign appears old or isn’t eye-catching, it may dissuade customer’s from coming inside. Also, it needs to be visible from a significant distance in order to be seen by the largest possible number of passers-by. If they’re driving by and not walking by, you may have only a second or two to make an impression. In addition to being large, it needs to be illuminated with lights. Instead of lighting a sign, a great alternative is a self-illuminating sign. Digital Signage can help call attention to your business day and night. In addition to having a sign for your business’s name, you can change the programming to show information about sales or promotions.

Partner With Neighboring Businesses

Depending on your business’ operations and locale, you may be able to benefit by teaming up with nearby non-competing businesses. Leaving cards or printouts advertisements for your business on a counter or bulletin board can help bring in people who are getting things near you. When somebody is already out doing errands, he or she may be likely to add another to the to-do list. Offer reciprocity to businesses by offering to take some of their cards or a printout for a bulletin board.

Send a Targeted Mailing

Sending out a targeted mass-mailing to people who live within a square mile of your business can help encourage them to come to check it out. You can broaden the scope to include 2-3 miles or even a whole zip code, depending on how many residents live there. Whenever possible, try to include a promotion in a mailing rather than just an advertisement. When mailings include a promotional offer, prospective customers will feel slightly more inclined to look at it closely and not disregard it as a piece of junk mail. Moreover, most people will be more likely to try a new business when they know that they’re getting a deal on something or they’re able to take advantage of a limited offer. You can make the promotion available to new customers only. You may also consider adding an expiration date so people will feel that time is of the essence. Be sure to include important details such as your hours of operation.

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