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How to decide when to make a career change

When you have a big decision to make, it can take a while to reach the conclusion that you’re happy with. You might agonise over an issue for a long time, and then, even when you’ve made a choice, you might not be sure that it’s the right one. That’s what life is like; there are always good and bad sides to the decisions that we make.

One area of life that often gives us a lot to think about is when or how to alter the way we work — whether to make a career change. If you’re happy enough in your job and it provides you with a good salary, does the fact that you don’t really find it fulfilling be enough for you to give up the security that comes with your job and decide to do something totally different? Maybe you’ve been thinking about becoming self-employed instead of working for someone else. Do you really feel ready to make that leap?

The best thing to do when you’re considering a career change is to weigh up the pros and cons and talk to different people about it. Sometimes though, talking to people you know, they have a bias that will influence how they advise you. A psychic reading at TheCircle can be a really good way to look at your career so far, and analyse where different decisions would lead you.

During a reading, you get a fresh perspective on your situation as the reader will have a more objective view than you of the path your life or career has taken so far. They’ll be able to help you see why you made certain decisions or choices in the past, and where you’re headed if you stay on the same path, or decide to take a different route.

Don’t go into a psychic reading expecting to come out of it with absolute answers — no ethical psychic should promise you this. Instead, think of a reading as a way to analyse where you are today in your career, how you’ve got to this place, and where different choices might take you in the future. There are no guarantees, but many people end a reading feeling much clearer about their lives and the decisions they are taking.

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