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Blogging Tips: Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging Tips: Increase Your Blog Traffic -Every blogger wants more traffic in his blog. But it’s not too easy to get a healthy amount of visitors. It needs some tactics to follow up. Here I am describing some simple tips to drive traffic to your blog.

  • Stay updated with unique contents frequently: Write something unique and interesting content. Always try to post updated content. It will bring the huge traffic. But it should be meaningful. It is good if you update contents regularly but if not possible then update minimum thrice in a week.
  • Submit Your Blog to Search Engines: Try to Submit your blog in all search engines. Most likely adding in Google, Yahoo and Bing are the very good way to get traffic in your website by search engine. It does not mean that your content will come at the first position. Still there is a chance to get of being picked up by a search engine.
  • Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites: Invest some time in the social bookmarking site like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit. That’s very much important for a blog.
  • Manage Your Blog’s Content with an RSS Feed: Use RSS feed to your blog to catch good reader from around the world. Putting a RSS Feed button on your blog helps to reader to be updated with your content.
  • Directory Submission: Submit your blog to Google blog search. And also it is very helpful if you can submit in yahoo directory or dmoz directory. You can also try for yahoo paid directory submission. There are lots other web directories also. Try to use directory submission to get enlisted in search engine.
  • Use and Update Your Blog roll: Try to add links to your website as like blog roll, it’s the good way to get traffic from other blog.
    Always do Comments: Commenting is a best way to grab the traffic. Try to respond all the comments, coming to your post. Always try to satisfy commenter. Always value their opinion. It will send good remarks to your blog. Also leave comments on other blogs. Put some interesting comment and don’t forget to put your site url. If visitor find it interesting they will definitely visit your blog.
  • Use Links and Trackbacks: Links are backbone of your blog. You can take link to other blog and let them know by trace backing also. It will definitely increase the traffic.
  • Tag Your Posts: Tagging your content it’s like a Meta tag. If Google or Technorati finds the keyword it may redirect to your blog. It is also helpful for the readers to go to particular content.
  • Put good Images on your post: You can say it’s a feel good trick. Keep good images in your post. It not only changes look and feel for the website, it also helps people to find in search engine listing.

Hopefully it’s may help you or If you have some any ideas related to it then surely suggest us on comment section.

Blogging Tips: Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging Tips: Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging Tips: Increase Your Blog Traffic

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