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4 Tips for Freshman to Connect During Quarantined Fall Terms

4 Tips for Freshman to Connect During Quarantined Fall Terms

As college freshmen begin to arrive to their chosen college campuses, many will soon face the reality that this fall term will be an unprecedented challenge in several ways. From managing online courses with technologically-illiterate professors to remaining healthy while living with three hundred other people in the dorms, freshman have much to learn and manage. One of the hardest aspects, though, will undoubtedly be the social aspects of college. How can you connect to fellow students in safe and socially-distanced ways? Well, fear not: here are four ideas for college freshman to create social connections while quarantined. 

1. Consider Greek Life 

Most fraternities and sororities are still recruiting, if only online. They’re also in the process of creating virtual events, study groups, and activities. In fact, Greek life events might just be a winning reason to rush, more so than any other time in the past. You also might consider non-traditional fraternities, such as academic or professional fraternities that tend to be smaller, more specialized, and unhoused. 

2. Cruise Through Social Media 

Most campus organizations should have active social media presences, giving you a means to suss them out early. Many clubs will be going online. While perhaps not as much fun as in-person activities, you can join them virtually now and build up a presence, so when campus returns to in-person meetings, you’ll be ready to participate as a full member. 

3. Create a Study Group 

Your classmates are certainly as exasperated as you are by that one stodgy, boring professor. Why not reach and initiate some group studying? Maybe the study group will have to be virtual for a while, or maybe you can find a safe way to meet in person, if it’s small enough. Either way, this will let you connect to a few of your classmates in a more personal way. Mutual suffering is the basis of many a college friendship. 

4. Make Use of Technology

Maybe you already have friends on campus and just aren’t allowed to see them — or maybe you have some classmates-turned-friends you’re unsure of meeting just yet. You can use technology to deepen these friendships and keep a little social time on your roster. Consider Spotify’s Group Session or Netflix Party — quarantine movie nights or collaborative playlists can be a fun activity to organize and temporarily replace traditional social events. 

Nothing is easy about being a freshman during the pandemic, but hopefully these four tips represent some creative ways to socialize in socially-distant ways. 

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