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Getting a Liquor License For an Event in Texas

Are you planning an outdoor wedding or a huge family reunion this summer? Maybe you’re hosting a festival or another public event. If so, chances are that you’ll want to serve beer and liquor. It’s important to understand the laws that surround outdoor events and how you can serve alcohol at them in the state of Texas.

There Are Different Types of Authorizations

The type of authorization you need for your liquor license Dallas TX depends on the type of establishment that you have. If you’ll act as an on-premise retailer of drinks, then you’ll need a TABC license or permit. Even with the permit, you’ll still need pre-approval for your event. Furthermore, if you have a two-year license, you’ll be separated into two categories. FUN licenses can allow events without pre-approval if they are private, have no more than 500 attendees, and meet several other requirements. TEA requests are an alternative for events that don’t meet the FUN criteria.

There are also licenses available for nonprofit organizations that do not have a TABC license. To qualify for a temporary liquor permit for nonprofit events, the event must be 2-10 days long and have a $50 fee per day. The application for the license must be submitted at least 10 business days before the event. 

How To Get Your Permit

If you are already sure of what type of permit you need, you can file directly through the Alcohol Industry Management System. However, the various options can be confusing, so it may be helpful to file through a company that provides consulting services to ensure you get the license that best meets your needs. Regardless of how you choose to file, keep in mind that your application must be submitted at least 10 business days before your event. Late filing fees in amounts of up to $900 may be charged otherwise. 

Whether you’re planning a large wedding or hosting a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, having the right liquor license for your event is essential. Start the process early to prevent any mishaps.

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