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How Women Manipulate Men

Women are amazing creatures men fall in love to, but it doesn’t matter how sweet and innocent they look like, the sophisticated manipulator can be hidden in each of them.

The first question is why do women manipulate. This question is quite easy and the answer is very predictable. They just want to get whatever they desire.   The second one and difficult one is how do they manipulate. Every girl knows how to manipulate any man. Each girl has a view secret advices, which her loving mother whispered to her when she was a child. Believe me, these advices from primedating will make you cave in to her desires.


The seduction is the most effective and widespread way of manipulation. The girl is ready to go on almost everything, in order to achieve her goal. I bet you don’t even know how cunning  she is. First she wins your sympathy and then you do what she wants. She gives you her best smiles, gently touches and the sweetest kisses  and  you close your eyes to her reckless actions and totally ready to follow her orders unquestioningly.


The quarrel is one of the most aggressive methods of manipulation, but it is effective.  I am pretty sure that you were under such manipulation. How many times in the end did you have to agree with your girlfriend? I guess often. So try to  remember how many times after quarrels you agreed to something you normally would not have agreed to? I guess often too…

Silent treatment

After another quarrel or even without it, your girl is silent, she doesn’t talk to you. You’re racking your brains with questions: What? Where? When? . You are trying to find out why she doesn’t say a word and trying to figure out what is wrong but this can last forever.  You didn’t do something wrong in most cases. The reason is her desire to manipulate

The girls use this method of manipulation very often because it works.  Men often say something like: “I will do everything, just say something!”, and women get what they want.


It’s so awful when women cry and men do everything to stop this. We all know this cliché of woman getting out of a spending ticket because she cried in front of the male cop. It is to be noted that historically men want to protect women, men have this need in their blood, in their DNA. It is so uncomfortable to this how women are bursting into tears and realizing that the reason of her tears is your action, stimulate men to do everything possible and even impossible to make women happy. When the tears are stopped man feels like a knight that saved his princess, but in most cases you were manipulated


It’s a comb of previous three that women who manipulate men often use. You had a quarrel. She didn’t say a word to you. She cried. If all this have no result and you hold your own the magic weapon will come. This weapon is an offenses. The offenses is a method of aggressively influencing. It  doesn’t matter what you have done wrong if you even have done. As a result you are trying to resolve the situation due to the feeling of guilt

We can expatiate a lot on a topic of how manipulative women can be. We can give a lot of examples and give many good advice about how to avoid the manipulations and how to deal with manipulative women. It is very important to understand when you are manipulated, and what to do with this understanding  is only  up to you. But let’s be honest all this doesn’t matter when you lovely girl is crying or upsetting.

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