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Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Medical Repair Company

As a doctor with your own medical practice or a manager working for a medical practice, you know that the equipment used in those offices will only last for a select period of time before needing repairs. Though some offices have trusted repair companies that they call on time and time again, others must contact companies to repair some of their specialized equipment. Whether you need to track down endoscope repair companies, or you need to hire someone to work on lab equipment, you can ask three basic questions to get all the information you need.

How Long Ago Did the Company Start?

Asking how long ago the company started gives you a good idea of the experience that it has working on medical equipment. Some of the top repair companies opened for business more than a decade or even two decades ago. If you have newer and more modern equipment though, you may feel more comfortable working with a newer or upstart company that has employees fresh out of college with more experience working with and using newer equipment.

What Type of Sterilization Does It Use?

Sterilization is an important component to any medical office. Tossing biohazard materials in a standard trashcan can make everyone in your office sick and even infect your patients. Biohazards and toxins can do just as much damage to your equipment. Even the smallest amount of debris can throw off your lab tests, cause false errors and even damage the machine. The best companies will use sterilization standards put in place by established organizations to ensure that your equipment is safe during all parts of the repair process. They may even wear protective gear when working with that equipment.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

A simple piece of medical equipment can easily cost a few hundred thousand dollars or over $1 million, which is why you should choose a repair company that has insurance. That policy should include protection for employees injured while working on a repair job as well as liability coverage. This ensures that the insurance covers any accidental damage done to your machine. You can also check the company’s history of filing claims to see how many times it used its insurance in the past. Asking these three basic questions will help you hire the best medical repair company to work on your equipment.

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