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Tattoo Offers the Fastest Internet Connection


Success entails the ability to multi-task and stay ahead — keeping yourself informed, delivering breakthrough results and completely unleashing your strengths. This year, Tattoo allows you to do just that as it transforms every minute into an opportunity to defy expectations with its fastest and most affordable Tattoo postpaid plans.


A wonderful mobile online experience awaits subscribers as Tattoo offers a wider range of postpaid plans that utilize the latest technology to deliver ultra-high-speed internet access. Starting with plan 299, all Tattoo post-paid plans are now LTE-ready allowing you to boost your regular connection to enjoy LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps — no lag, waiting and buffering. Made specifically for goal-getters, Tattoo promises an internet connection speed that will allow you to instantly be updated with the latest trends, news and information. As internet connection speeds affect the amount of information that you can access, only Tattoo’s fastest connection assures you of the many possibilities that await.


“Tattoo has always been an enabler, a tool for our customers to create their own mark and defy the norms. We always seek to transform the way our subscribers live, work and play by offering them only the best postpaid plans. Knowing how fun-loving, dynamic, competitive, and goal-oriented our Tattoo subscribers are, it is just right to keep updating our offers to match their needs. This time, Tattoo offers seamless connectivity with its LTE-ready devices enabling you to become one step ahead of others,” said Dong Ronquillo, Globe Vice President, Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.


With Tattoo, you can now avail a mobile Wi-Fi under Plan 299 and 499 for only Php 500 one-time cash out. Also stay on-the-go and never miss an opportunity with Tattoo’s free LTE stick or regular mobile Wi-Fi with your Plan 999. Stay online anytime, anywhere you need to with plan 1299/1799/2499 that now comes with a free LTE mobile Wi-Fi. All mobile Wi-Fi devices can power up to 10 devices. Subscribers of Plan 299, Plan 499 and Plan 999 may also upgrade their browsing speeds from 12 Mbps to LTE speeds of up to 42 Mbps for only P300 per month.


Open yourself to wonderful possibilities and experience a high-performance internet for an affordable price only with Tattoo.


Experience a blazing fast internet connection with Tattoo Post-paid Plans now all with LTE-ready devices. Learn more about these new offers at tattoo.globe.com.ph, visit any Globe store nearest you, or call 730-1010.

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