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TABC permit
TABC permit

TABC permit

Every time a new cafe or bar opens up successfully, the reality is that months and months (maybe years) of work went into accomplishing everything leading up to that opening day. Putting together a successful restaurant is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of preparation and a lot of balancing in order to stay on track. A solid business owner also knows that delegating out a lot of the important duties in advance of the opening is absolutely a must. There’s just too much on the line and too many jobs to take care of for one person to accomplish, which is why smart business owners make a plan in advance for all the work that must be done, and then start assigning tasks to different team members.

Getting a TABC Permit

One of the major tasks that must be accomplished before a bar or alcohol serving cafe opens is the application for a TABC license. This permit is legally required for any establishment that serves alcohol, and the paperwork involved in getting the license is very involved. The job of getting the permit can be daunting, especially in Texas, where the laws about permitting vary from city to city. The complexity of the job has led to the creation of special consulting agencies that specialize in handling all the paperwork for business owners who need a license. Yes, hiring an outside consultant will cost a few dollars, but the time and aggravation this saves is significant. Time is money after all, and the more that a business owner can free up their time, the more successful their business is likely to be. So, if you are a business owner who needs a TABC license, consider outsourcing the task, so you can be free to take care of the rest of the job of growing your business.

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