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Sun Cellular Text Unlimited 60 (Sun TU60) Promo

Sun text unlimited 60 or popular in loading station simply as SUN TU60 is another promo offered by sun cellular. It allows each subscriber to have an unlimited sun to sun text and an hour of sun to sun calls. Also, subscribers who availed the SUN TU60 can have the opportunity to send 100 text messages to other networks.

SUN TU60 is valid for 7 days, which means there will be worry free unli texting to fellow sun subscribers for one week. Aside from mentioned, there are also 60 minutes of sun calls that can be used for important / urgent concerns like calling your parents or maybe informing your girlfriend that you are busy playing dota and you cannot fetch her at school (joke). To try this promo all you need to do is type TU60 on your sun prepaid phone and send to 247.

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