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When Robbery Goes Wrong

This video should be shown to more people all over the world to show why you should carry a gun and why you shouldn’t rob people. The man in the car is minding his business. Looks like he is pulling up to his workplace at a security gate entrance. A couple pulls up on the driver’s side of the car. The man in the car doesn’t seem to think anything of it. The passenger on the motorcycle dismounts the bike, draws a gun and approaches the man’s window. We can only guess what is being said at this point. This guy is getting robbed at gun point! The tide turns though as the man in the car plays it cool. He acts like he is opening the door to his car but instead pulls out his own gun. The passenger of the bike turns to run away as the remaining rider stares on in disbelief. The car driver opens fire on the pair, striking the rider at least once. Several shots are fired and the passenger of the motorcycle but the person makes it down the road on foot. This goes to show how a bad situation for you can be righted if you act calm and play it cool. These two thieves had the tables turned on them for sure.

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