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OEM Semiconductors and Replacement Parts

Those in the electronics field know that transistors or semiconductors do go bad at times, or become damaged due to neglect of the appliance of which they are a component. When this happens, finding a replacement is not always an easy task. This is especially true with older equipment.

Manufacturers may have ceased making a certain item and no longer carry spare parts. On many pieces of electrical equipment, the transistor or semiconductor was designed specifically for the application and a generic replacement won’t suffice. Many electrical items have gone to an early grave due to the inability to find a suitable replacement semiconductor.

Fortunately, there are companies that keep an inventory of spare or replacement semiconductors, diodes, resistors and industrial electric components. Usually, these replacement parts are Original Manufacture Equipment (OEM) or New Old Stock (NOS). NOS parts are those that were built by the manufacturer when the electrical item was built. They are essentially excess components the manufacturer no longer uses and sold to a third party company. But because they were designed specifically for a certain application, the specifications are identical.

Having a company that carries a large inventory of both OEM and NOS parts can be an invaluable resource for anyone needing the right component. When a company carries a large inventory, it will normally permit the buyer to search for the part by original manufacturer, part description, model number or part number. A company such as Getspares.com buys and sells many older OEM and NOS replacement electrical components. Learn more about their services here.

Being able to search by several different methods is important because the buyer may no longer have a part manual or access to a specific part number. Delivery is another factor to consider with a company carrying older parts. Most customers have little desire to wait weeks or months for a replacement part. Fast shipping and quick turnaround from the website to the warehouse is vital.

No matter how large the inventory, there is also a possibility the company will not have the exact part needed. In these cases, it is important for the company has a network of manufacturers available to search for the component. With such a network, the inventory essentially expands and the odds of locating a hard to find part increases.

Many electrical firms may also have their own inventory they no longer need. In these cases, a company willing to purchase their excess inventory provides a ready buyer for a firm’s unneeded items. When it is a large inventory that needs to be sold, consignment sales and bulk sales can really benefit the customer.

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