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MyPhone Trade-In Kindness promo

Starting at 10AM up to 9PM, customers who donate 3 pieces of wearable clothes can have discounts of P1,700 off MyPhone A919 3D Duo and A888 Duo.
Promo Mechanics:

1. Donate.
Customers must donate at least three (3) pieces of still wearable clothes.
Note: Undergarments, bathing suits, intimates and accessories such as handkerchief, gloves, socks, and shawls will not be considered.

2. Discount.

Customers who gave donations will get as much as Php 1,700 OFF the price (SRP is P7,390) of the new MyPhone A919 3D Duo and get it for only P 5,690. You may also choose to use your discount on the MyPhone A888 Duo and get it for only P5,690 from the original price of P7,499.

3. Delight.

You are invited to take delight in the MyPhone One-of-A-Kind Party in the afternoon. Get the one-of-a-kind chance to party with the stars and win exciting prizes, too!

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