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Microsoft’s new ad bashes the iPad

Microsoft’s new Lenovo Yoga ad takes aim at the iPad and hilariously shows it up in a way that makes it look awkward, user unfriendly and a mission to use. The idea of the advert is to convey the message that the Lenovo Yoga convertible ultrabook has no problem keeping up in a classroom, whilst the iPad makes it impossible for students to multitask, stay on top of notes or enjoy a comfortable user experience.


iPad Mini vs. Acer Iconia W3

The short clip shows kids awkwardly struggling with basic tasks such as touch typing on the iPad screen, setting up an iPad with a stand built into the case, or taking notes whilst comparing another page of text. The Lenovo users are able to effortlessly-and rather smugly- keep up with the professor and the message of the ad is somewhat along the lines of the iPad being for idiots.

Comparative marketing allows for these kinds of ads to spring up all over the place and some are far smarter than others.  This one seems to not only hit the mark, but has also caused some consternation from the iPad camp. Mission accomplished Microsoft might say.

The tag at the end of the ad from Microsoft is ‘Have fun and get your homework done’ basically saying that if you have  a Lenovo you can spend more time on enjoyable pursuits such as browsing the net, flirting on social media or playing mobile casino games. Microsoft is punting Windows 8 as the next big thing and this ad is just another dig we can expect to see aimed at other OS in the future.

The poem used in the advert is an interesting choice and only a few people will pick up on its significance. Yeat’s ‘Second coming’ is the poem being discussed and its theme is centred around an apocalyptic revelation.  You could speculate that Lenovo and Microsoft are trying to get the point across that students need to understand that the job market may be tough, and they might have to rise above it to achieve greatness.

The ad comes across as a rather tongue in cheek dig at Apple and Windows 8 and Lenovo Yoga better be able to live up to the hype they have created.

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