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Introducing an iTunes Alternative for iPhone Management

PhoneTrans – a Free & Complete iTunes Alternative (iOS 6 Ready) for better iPhone iPad Management. Since there have never been anything similar, I’ll greatly appreciate if you can give me a minute to drop a line about it:

As iPhone iPad users keep growing and most of old iFans are never tired of new iProducts, some people may be completely new to iTunes or still confused about it because of its Constant Updates, Slowness, Source-consuming, Complicated settings and limits.

The iTunes media and app management part leaves much to be desired. Many users may have below awkward situations when using iTunes:

1.    Adding a single HD movie to iPad takes about half an hour and risk losing all apps along the way.

2.    iTunes can fill up hard drive with tens of gigabytes of iOS apps that can easily be downloaded from Apple. Syncing apps frequently may also destroy folders and make app disappear.

3.    It’s a mess to manage multiple devices on one computer and there is no way to move the music, movies back to PC hard drive.


  • add or remove media & apps from iOS device without having to perform a full sync
  • make it easy to sync a device with portions of different iTunes libraries on different computers
  • create solid music backup from iPhone to PC in case serious hard drive failure, etc
  • It’s also a handy tool to transfer music, apps from old iPhone, iPad, iTouch to the iPhone 5.

Features and Screenshots of the Phonetrans

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