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Indonesian Hackers Hacked ClassicCars.com

Indonesian Hackers Hacked ClassicCars.com – the website classiccars.com had been defaced. While it’s not shocking news that another site of the millions on the internet has been hacked, this one was unusual in that the defacement seemed to be nothing more than an advertisement for the hackers. Ten years ago hacking for bragging rights was a somewhat common practice, but today most attacks are more silent and are designed to steal information.

The image and stolen JavaScript code that made up the new home page were stored at a free web host. No surprises there, but I did discover that they had an active IRC network. The group had planted an IRC bot in a chat channel that they can command to remotely scan networks for vulnerabilities. This provides them with a list of hosts that are vulnerable to SQL injection and other techniques. It appears the bot uses search engines like Google and Bing to find potential targets.

The individual who claimed to execute this hack seems relatively unknown, but others in the group are proud enough of their work to publish tales of their exploits. One member, r3cogniz3d, was good enough to post his name and photo publicly on Facebook. He seems to really like the coffee shop Cafe Lampu in Jambi, Indonesia, by the way, so stop by and pay him a visit if you’re in the neighborhood.

r3cogniz3d has made it his mission to recruit and educate others the best way to hack web sites thru SQL injection and has even posted a video tutorial on YouTube.

So what’s the level of all of this? Securing your web pages towards trivial assaults like these perpetrated by using KubuCyber is not troublesome. The team is solely following a method to stroll in via a door your net builders have left ajar.

Whilst you host a web site with a supplier, you’ll want to learn how they’ll take care of the host running gadget and whether or not they do safety audits of the websites they host. It’ll value extra money to handle a developer who is aware of methods to correctly stable your website, however an oz. of prevention is value a pound of treatment.

Credit: Sophos

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