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Jailbreak iPad | iPad Symbol | How To

iPad Jailbreak Available Soon

Apple announced their iPad tablet today and a lot of you may be wondering whether or not it is possible to jailbreak the iPad. And many tech people are wondering on how to Jailbreak iPad on its iPad symbol

I’ve read an article over at quickpwn that the iPad currently runs on iPhone 3.2 OS which will only be available on the iPad, and not on the iPhone or iPod touch. There are many different teams of iPhone hackers which they sure will attempt to jailbreak iPad once it’s released.

Jailbreak iPad | iPad Symbol

The problem is that Apple has been changing their hardware and software and trying hard to patch software exploits that are used in jailbreak iPad. This was apparent when the 24kpwn exploit was patched when Apple released a newer iPhone 3GS and iPod touch model. When Apple patched the 24kpwn exploit, users were required to jailbreak each time they rebooted their iDevice (also called tethered jailbreak). You can follow QuickPWN twitter page for more information. Jailbreaking an iPad is not an easy task due to its security reasons not like iPhone which Jonathan Mcdonald shows on Unlocking iPhone 3g using QuickPWN.

The video is below, and it’s slightly cryptic–but for good reason, since it doesn’t reveal any clues to Apple as to how the jailbreak works which could then allow the folks at Cupertino to code-around it in the next software update.

Stay tuned on this blog for the latest updates on how to Jailbreak iPad and its iPad symbol

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