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Hostgator vs Bluehost Review from Sources

Searching for the right hosting for your web application is a challenge often overlooked. During my past 2 years of experience on Blogging, I’ve realized How important it is to choose a service provider which guarantees up-times and that too at decent support.

Its virtually impossible that any hosting provider will give 100% uptime. Higher the uptime, higher the cost. Industry standard of Five 9s (99.999%) is impossible for shared hosting, what we look to compare int his review is 99.9%.

Hostgator vs Bluehost Review from Sources:

In both hosting you can host unlimited number of domains. For hostgator you need to pick baby plan. Both support CPANEL. You can add more domains with add on domains feature where all the other domains will be hosted on a different directory.

Both shared hosting have awesome CPU power. I sort of need that because I own 1300 domain names. Obviously those domains do not fit on one shared hosting. Hosting would then ask you to upgrade to VPS or dedi. Here’s the catch. Even a dedi is not as powerful as Hostgator and Bluehost shared hosting. Well, a $230/month dedi is probably equivalent to just 1-2 shared hosting costing a mere $10-$20! You see why I review only 2 of them?

Hostgator vs Bluehost:
Assuming you stay with the companies for the following amounts of time, here is what you’ll pay (including setup fees, if they apply):

How Long HostGator BlueHost
1 Month $8.95 N/A
6 Months $53.70 N/A
12 Months $83.40 $83.40
24 Months $142.80 $166.80
36 Months $178.20 $250.20

As you can see, BlueHost and HostGator have the same price at the 12 month mark, but in all other cases either HostGator is cheaper or BlueHost doesn’t even offer service for that length of time.

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