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Dota Shortcut Keys Inventory Items

Back again to share this thing about one of the most requested tool of all DOTA players especially those newbies and those who wanted to experience a little bit of convenience with their DOTA game. By the way for those who doesn’t know DOTA, DOTA means Defense of the Ancients much known before as Warcraft. It’s a very addicting from I, myself would testify lol. Anyway what is cool with DOTA from the original Warcraft is it’s play. Here in DOTA just like any other massive multiplayer game, you are task to focus with one hero from where you buy weapons and make it stronger along the game. What is fun about this is it is a full strategic game of survival, the winner would always be the one who play strategically.

Set out for what I wanted to share with all the DOTA players out there. I actually got this tool from my DOTA expert brother. This is the Item Shortcut Key Helper, what is this? For those who doesn’t know about this, this is a tool used so that you may assign any shortcut letter to your Item box below your game. Aside of using the shortcut key numbers in the numpad of your keyboard, with this tool you may now use any key you would like to use. One more thing, you don’t have to install this tool. It’s a plug and play tool, so no need to worry installing it. Just Double click the tool then you are set to configure your shortcut key with any of your desired keyboard key and once you turn your DOTA it would automatically change. Cool right.

Heres the link DOTA Item Shortcut Key


First, u can view hp just do this for the hp viewer
Left click on the icon ( auto minimize )… Press [ Show your HP ] & [ Show Enemy’s HP
Second For The ShortKeys
Iventory Shortcut Key..
[7][8] = [Alt + Q][Alt + W] [4][5] = [Alt + A][Alt + S] [1][2] = [Alt + Z][Alt + X]

and can use it in XP and Vista
But for garena XP can but Vista Cant
I nt sure this considered a hack but i just want to share it with u guys

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