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Dota 2 This Year for 2011

Defense of the Ancient 2-Dota 2 this Year to Sweep Gamers Off Their Feet

Great news is awaiting gamers out there. 2011 may be the year for all DOTA fanatics and addicts.

As if DOTA is not enough, its makers are currently brewing the Defense of the Ancient 2. Yes, you read it right, the year 2011 is the year for the release of DOTA 2, a superbly enhanced version of the hit game DOTA.

What should players anticipate in this new Defense of the Ancient 2 game?

The first thing that players should expect is that Valve has exerted a lot of effort in making DOTA 2 a more enhanced and upgraded version of its predecessor. The game will be running in Valve’s own Source Engine, thus solving those limitation problems in Warcraft 3.

Secondly, although the game has been enhanced, old players of DOTA will still be able to recognize majority of the game’s contents, like the heroes, the map, the buildings, the terrains and even the items.

Thirdly, DOTA 2 has some additional features that directly solve some of the common problems that players have with DOTA.

Dota 2 This Year for 2011

  • First of which is the in-game voice chat that allows players to talk to each other without relying on a third party software.
  • Then, there is a coaching system available for new players of the game, helping them master what needs to be learned in becoming more skilled in playing Defense of the Ancient 2. The more expert players can login as coaches and they will be able to see which players are still new to the game. In addition, the coaches can have private chats with beginners so that they could easily help beginners whenever problems arise.
  • Also, the game replaces players who have been disconnected with AI bots. However, this feature is only available in matches that are unranked. Still, it is a very convenient way of continuing the game without encountering many problems in terms of fair play.
  • Lastly, there are also new lines to expect from heroes that players will surely appreciate.

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