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Chaikin Power Tools

Now individuals can invest with the same edge as the pros! Our free ground-breaking Chaikin Power Tools on iTunes, developed by stock market expert Marc Chaikin, simplifies your Buy-Sell decisions by distilling diverse and complex financial information into intuitive green/red displays. Green is bullish, red is bearish, yellow is neutral.

Trade stocks and options instantly and easily right from the app … with an account at optionsXpress. No more missing trades due to cumbersome and time-consuming log-ins. Receive a special offer when you open and trade in an optionsXpress account.

Who is Marc Chaikin and what does he know?

Marc Chaikin is a retired technologist known for institutional software tools still in use at the largest asset management firms. Marc spent more than forty years on Wall Street before he founded Chaikin Stock Research with the intent of leveling the playing field between the pros and the average investor with a professional-quality stock tool!

What about the app you mentioned?

Chaikin Power Tools for iPhone is a FREE app that was launched in March. The app uses Marc’s 20-factor stock picking model giving users a simple green/yellow/red — buy/hold/sell — gauge. It was independently back-tested on 10 years worth of data and was found to be an effective indicator of stock movements. Within the app, you can trade stocks if you have an optionsXpress account. Additional features let you create a stock watch list and receive alerts in real-time.

No iPhone?

Don’t fret! There is a desktop widget with the same functionality!

So what are you waiting for?

You should head over and check out the iPhone app or desktop widget. Need another reason to take a look? Check out this stock research web widget where you can see what Chaikin Power Tools has to offer you when it comes to market research!

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