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Information, in its most restricted technical sense, is a sequence of symbols that can be interpreted as a message. Information can be recorded as signs, or transmitted as signals. Information is any kind of event that affects the state of a dynamic system that can interpret the information.

Moons | Planets | Space Station Align Tonight May 16 2010

If skies are clear enough tonight, look low in the west after sunset for a pretty conjunction of a thin crescent moon, just a day past “new,” and the bright planet Venus. At 9 p.m., ...

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Adam Carolla says SORRY to Pacquiao and Filipinos

Adam Carolla Apologized to Manny Pacquiao and Filipinos on Twitter The American Comedian whose name sounds like a Toyota car and whose brain and mouth work like a recalled Toyota car named Adam Carolla asked ...

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The Man With a Half Body | Fathering a Child

Despite only having half a body, Kenny Easterday insists he can live the life of a normal man. Now he appears to have proved it after claiming he has fathered a child. Easterday, 35, was ...

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Holy Week Petitions Pics 2010

Holy Week Petitions ,Flagellation and crucifixion. The true of essence of Lenten season is not of physical excursion. It is soul-searching. Of silent prayers and peaceful pondering. It is the admission of sins and repenting. ...

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