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Asset protection might sound complicated. Sometimes it is. It doesn’t have to be. Offshore asset protection is quite straightforward.

Ironically, those lawyers who have caused the malfunctioning of the judicial system will quite happily switch sides to protect the exploited rich against the filthy poor. They still, however, see the wealthy as ‘deep pockets’ to be exploited. I have seen all manner of highly complex and legally questionable asset protection schemes dreamed up by lawyers… in the US in particular.

Over the years I have read several ‘how to’ manuals running to thousands of pages that are sold to hopeful law firms looking to enter the business for upwards of $10,000 per copy, all explaining asset protection in detail. The best manuals on offshore and overseas asset protection you can find in Q Wealth Report.

I have even seen lawyers suing other lawyers about the contents of these how-to manuals!

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