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Another Facebook Scam

Facebook scam: Dad catches daughter stripping on webcam – How low is a Facebook scammer prepared to go? Here’s a pretty sick rogue application that we’ve seen affecting some users of the world’s most popular social network, leading to the all too familiar money-making survey scam at the end.

OMG she is so busted!! Dad catches Daughter on Webcam! [LINK]

So, what does happen if you click on the link?

First thing you’ll see is this splash screen (I’ve used some pixelation to protect the innocent):

If you are still tempted to click further, you’ll be asked by a rogue Facebook application to grant permission for it to be able to post to your wall.

So, after all this, do you get to see the video?

Nope. Instead, you’ll be greeted by a survey. And this survey makes money for the scammers behind the scheme as they earn commission for every survey completed.

Wow she got caught so dirty.

Busted!! Dad Catches Daughter on Webcam!
Do not watch unless 18+
Content is graphic. Watch at your own risk!

In this way the scam spreads virally, attempting to earn as much money as possible for the survey scammers.

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