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Aluminum Framing System Guide

Aluminum Framing System Guide

An aluminum framing system is a modular system drawn together from a process known as aluminum extrusion. Aluminum extrusion uses aluminum profiles to produce accessories that you can use in building projects, such as machine frames, jigs, and many more kinds of industrial products.

Most aluminum framing systems need the gathering of all aluminum framing elements that are designed into different profiles. The process of selecting a good aluminum framing system requires a careful analysis of supplier capabilities and product specifications. Comprehensive companies like Mini Tec Solutions provide you with the assistance you need to solve your problems as well as help you select an excellent and cost-effective aluminum framing system.

Aluminum Framing System Specifications

Together with its specific parts, analysis of the aluminum framing system uses several different specifications, such as physical dimensions, treatment, weight, elasticity, tolerance, and elasticity.

  • Thickness – thickness of the system or part
  • Weight – the structure’s weight commonly calculated in pounds
  • Elasticity – the type of the structure or the portion tendency that doesn’t deform when subjected to stress
  • Nominal Dimensions – the typical dimensions of a part of the system mainly measured by its length, depth, and length
  • Tolerance – a sign of the tolerable limits of the variant in every specific physical dimension

Aluminum Extrusion

The process of manufacturing today is not similar to the previous one. Technological development has paved a clear way for new manufacturing techniques which allow most manufacturers to use their materials innovatively. Aluminum is the top material that is used primarily in manufacturing and design.

Aluminum is known for its excellent properties such as the balance between stiffness and malleability. The previous manufacturing process made it simple for cast and machine, although the new technique makes sure it is stable and strong. These processes have led to aluminum extrusion, where an aluminum alloy is passed through a die with a certain profile shape resulting in aluminum with the same shape as the die.

In the construction industry, aluminum extrusion shapes have become a significant feature because of their cost benefits and structural integrity. Aluminum extrusion helps to design specifically shaped a large continuous aluminum piece, requested by a client. Those shapes can form different construction materials. Some of the typical shapes you can obtain from aluminum extrusion include:

  • Hollow shapes
  • Solid shapes
  • Semi-hollow shapes

Different aluminum shapes may have different designs, such as square or rectangular. Aluminum extrusion’s main uses are in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, and energy industries.

Applications of Aluminium Framing System

Aluminum framing systems are mainly applicable in construction and building application with either ductile aluminum framing or standard aluminum framing. An elastic aluminum framing system is different from a standard building since it is prefabricated, including an aluminum metal frame, increasing the weight the wall can endure.

The aluminum framing system is essential in constructing carriers that move various industrial equipment and products and sometimes make the assembling easy. The aluminum framing system is applicable in glazing applications and window framing. They are also suitable for various commercial, engineering, and industrial applications.

Final Verdict

Most aluminum framing system properties allow you to get a solution to your construction project needs. The aluminum extrusion process helps you get the specific parts for your building project. Consider aluminum framing systems today as an excellent choice for your construction project and enjoy many advantages and great results.

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