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Adobe After Effects CS5 | Download Free

Adobe® After Effects® CS5 delivers more of the creative control you crave, while making it faster to work on high-resolution projects. Native 64-bit support means you can tap all the RAM on your system to work more efficiently with HD, 2K, and 4K projects.

Adobe After Effects CS5 | Download Free

As release of Adobe CS5 is approaching its developers let slip more details about its features and advantages. They don’t miss a chance to hot up our interest in the forthcoming product. Michael Coleman, After Effects product manager, has recently announced some more exciting news about the product.

New Features of Adobe After Effects CS5

  • 64-bit After Effects CS5 application, with improved performance and memory features: Memory, storage, and performance
  • Roto Brush tool: Roto Brush and Refine Matte
  • Refine Matte effect: Roto Brush and Refine Matte
  • AVC-Intra import and improved RED (R3D) support: Supported import formats
  • Imagineer mocha shape for After Effects plug-in and improved mocha for After Effects planar tracker application: Resources for Imagineer mocha shape for After Effects and Resources for mocha for After Effects (mocha-AE)
  • Auto-keyframe mode: Auto-keyframe mode
  • Apply Color LUT effect for using color lookup tables: Apply Color LUT effect
  • Align panel improvements, including ability to align layers to the edges and center of a composition: Align or distribute layers in 2D space
  • Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 3, with support for 32-bpc color: Resources for Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse
  • Digieffects FreeForm: Resources for Digieffects FreeForm

Adobe After Effects CS5 | Download Free

Other new and changed features in After Effects CS5

  • Added Help > Send Feedback command, which opens a web browser to the feature-request and bug-report form on the Adobe website.
  • Projects and compositions changes
  • The default composition settings are now for a 30-second 1920×1080 HDTV composition: Composition settings
  • In previous versions, if you were entering or editing text when it was time for an auto-save, you would be forced out of text-editing mode. Now, if you’re in text-editing mode when it’s time for an auto-save, that auto-save is skipped: Save and back up projects
  • The Frame Rate control in the Composition Settings dialog box now includes a menu that allows you to select from a list of common frame rates: Change frame rate for a composition
  • The composition background color setting is now located in the Composition Settings dialog box instead of on the Composition menu, and the keyboard shortcut for accessing only the composition background color has been removed: Composition settings
  • When you double-click a precomposition layer when the Roto Brush tool or a paint tool is active, the precomposition layer opens in a Layer panel. To open the nested composition in a Composition panel instead, Alt-double-click (Windows) or Option-double-click (Mac OS) the precomposition layer: Opening and navigating nested compositions
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