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5 Tips for Turning Your Clunker into Cash

Americans scrap anywhere between 12 and 14 million vehicles annually, which helps make the $25 billion Auto Recycling industry one of the top-earning and successful industries in the nation. That accounts for approximately 14 million tons of reclaimed and recycled steel every year and millions of tons in other materials since 80% of a vehicle is easily recycled. Recycling is great but unless you prepare the vehicle and sell your scrap car to the right buyer, you’re likely to be handing over cash you could be pocketing. So then, how do you turn your clunker into cash?

Flip Your Clunker

Some people manage to successfully make entire businesses out of flipping old clunkers. If you have the time and the legal access to enough clunkers, it can be quite profitable. Just make sure they still run, slap some new paint on the exterior, throw on some new slipcovers, add new tires, etc. You can do some minor mechanical work. But if the car runs well enough, that’s not even necessary most of the time. Flip the vehicle for less than it’s worth but more than you put into it and pocket the difference.

Be Honest and Transparent if Selling Your Car Online

If you’re selling your vehicle online, be as honest as possible without making it sound like a headache. Potential buyers are much more willing to trust an honest ad and follow through with an offer if you’re not offering something too good to be true. So admit if the air conditioner doesn’t run, the tires need to be replaced before winter, or the front passenger door is significantly dented. You don’t have to come clean about every noise but add pictures and disclose the big stuff to build credibility.

Sell it for Major Parts

If you have a buyer who wants specific parts of your car, let them pick up the vehicle or tow it to them and pay you for the parts they want. They can dismantle the engine or transmission, remove the tires, take the doors or fenders, and shred the rest. If you can line up several buyers for different parts and adjust the rates for a better payout, go for it as long as they offer cash.

Remove Valuable Components

Before selling or scrapping your vehicle, consider how much money you’re leaving behind. Some components are worth reclaiming or reselling and they can either be reused easily in your next car or sold for a decent profit. Catalytic converters on older cars can be removed and sold at a good price due to the palladium or platinum content. Pristine bumpers or those without serious dents or rust are always in demand. Even if your car’s been in a wreck, unused airbags can be resold easily. And your wheels and hubcaps can have unexpected value to a collector. Don’t forget the gps system and stereo.

Give Us a Call

You could save yourself all the trouble with most of the above and get cash on the spot for your junk car from GLR Advanced Recycling. Just provide an honest description and set up an appointment for a free tow or drive it in. Be sure to have the title in your name and in your hand to exchange for easy cash and say goodbye to your headache and hello to a little financial freedom. 

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