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4 Tips for Protecting Your Home During a Remodel

Remodelling a home is an exciting prospect, whether you are doing it to improve the space you will be living in or to increase the home’s value before a sale. However, remodelling is messy. You should protect your home during this process so that it looks great, and you have no issues once the contractor leaves. In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to minimise damage during remodelling and protect your home during the project.

Ensure the Contractor Has Liability Insurance

Before doing anything else and before they start work, ensure the contractor and their subcontractors have liability insurance. Their liability insurance protects their workers in case of accidents during the remodel. Ensure you see their policy and have everything in writing. Do not trust whatever the contractor says.

Liability insurance also protects you from other issues, such as faulty workmanship. However, it does not cover costs associated with defective work or damages resulting from professional negligence. However, you can ask the contractor to add clauses for them in the contract before they start work.

Protect Your Door Frames and Corners

With equipment and people flowing in and out of the home, there is a chance that the contractor or workers will hit your door frames. The damage may be little scratches, but it can also be serious if they do it repeatedly.

For this reason, you or the contractor should protect your door frames and corners. The simplest way to do this is using tape or cardboard. Tape prevents minor scratches, and cardboard absorbs shock if the contractors bump into your door frames. It is also an excellent barrier, much better than tape.

Use Floor Protection

A contractor may drop tools or drag something across the floor during the remodel. If they do, they are likely to leave marks on your floor. While this may not be a big deal if you have a concrete floor, it is if you have a tile or wood floor. These can be easily damaged if heavy objects fall on them, are placed or dragged across them.

The best way to ensure this does not happen and cost you more to rectify is to use floor protection. Floor protection ensures anything that falls or is dragged across the floor does not damage it. It also helps extend the life of your floor and ensures it looks great after the remodel is done.

Protect Your Valuables

Opening up your home to a contractor means putting yourself in a vulnerable position. While you may trust the main contractor, you might not know the subcontractors they work with or their workers. 

It is best to be cautious and store your valuables in a safe or another safe location. If you have insurance on valuable items, it is best to double-check the policy and list of insured items to ensure everything that can be stolen or lost is on it.While a home remodel will leave your home looking better than it did before the project, you have to protect your home while it is happening. A worker might damage something, there will be dust and debris everywhere, and there is a chance a valuable item might go missing. Use the tips above to ensure there are no headaches once the contractor and their workers leave.

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