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Beta Closed: DotA 2 Download

Valve, on the other hand, decided to continue with the queuing system in anticipation on the influx of gamers who wish to play and download the game. In easier terms, the game developers wants you ...

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NBA 2K13 Now Available in the Philippines

Pop star and hip-hop legend Jay-Z served as Executive Producer of this game and is responsible for its 24-song soundtrack. He also gave his inputs in so far as designing the interactive menus, the introduction ...

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Download DotA 6.75b Map

Get DotA 6.75b Map here. Download DotA 6.75b Map today and be one of the first Dota players to experience newest  and latest official DotA map version.. DotA 6.75b Map can now be officially downloaded ...

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Game of Thrones Season 3 On March 31, 2013

The third season will adapt the first-half of the ”A Storm of Swords,” the third novel in George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. One last treat: #GameofThrones season 3 will ...

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Black Mesa download madness

Today the gaming world was reintroduced to one of their most beloved places to do battle with a total conversion remaking of Half-Life 2 by development group Valve Software. After seven full years in development, ...

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